Options & Answers

Why Would I Need Tire & Wheel Protection?

In this video we break down the potential cost of repairing a damaged wheel and explain how tire and wheel protection on your new vehicle may save you costly repairs in the end.

I Don't Need Extended Coverage on My New Vehicle.

Learn how having an extended service contract may benefit you, especially if your new car is a front wheel drive vehicle.

How Will Multiple Credit Inquiries Affect My Credit Score?

Find out exactly how credit inquiries will affect your FICO score.

Does This Used Car Have Any Warranty

Ever wonder if there is any factory warranty remaining on a used car?

Do I Really Need Environmental Protection for My Car?

The two things that impact the value of a used vehicle more than any other are the exterior and interior appearance.

What am I Responsible for on a Leased Vehicle?

Knowing what you are responsible for on a leased vehicle can help you make an informed purchase.