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The Financial and Insurance Professional Code of Conduct

As a Finance and Insurance Professional, I am committed to fairly and accurately communicating the benefits and cost of all products offered to consumers. I understand I have a responsibility to the dealership to provide every customer with truthful and accurate information to enable them to make an informed decision with regard to the options available in connection with their purchase. Implicit in the Code of Conduct is that I will fully comply with all federal, state, and local laws, both personally and professionally. In addition to my other obligations and my responsibilities, I will:

  1. Exemplify the ideal of a professional, acting with integrity, and conducting myself in accord with the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  2. Treat every customer with courtesy and respect, answer their questions completely, directly, and honestly, and fully comply with all laws that prohibit discrimination.
  3. Not make false or misleading statements, or fail to disclose a material fact while performing my responsibilities.
  4. Disclose fully to customers the costs, terms, and contractual obligations of any finance and/or lease transactions, as well as any products and services offered.
  5. Offer every customer every finance and insurance product every time, and disclose the term, APR, principal & interest payment for the vehicle prior to any optional products being included.
  6. Disclose the purchase of all finance and insurance products is completely voluntary.
  7. Utilize a menu to ensure every customer has all of their repayment, risk management, and vehicle protection options reviewed and explained, to enable them to make an informed decision with regard to those options.
  8. Never allow or have a customer sign a blank form, application, contract or any other document or forge their signature or initials on any document.
  9. Never provide, instruct someone else to provide, or allow anyone to provide inaccurate or misleading information to a finance source.
  10. Properly complete the appropriate Truth-In-Lending form(s) at the time of sale and provide the customer the retail installment contract and ensure they have ample opportunity to review it before they sign it, and provide them a copy(s).
  11. Obtain the customer’s signature on a menu indicating any products purchased, and a declination of those products they declined to purchase.
  12. Present to each customer a copy of the agreement for each product purchased that discloses the length of coverage, level of coverage, cost of the coverage, any deductible, and cancellation procedures, if applicable.
  13. Comply with policies and procedures that facilitate the prompt refund of cancellable products for customers who pay off their retail installment contracts or request cancellation of coverage.
  14. Maintain the privacy of all customer information as required by law.
  15. Maintain the highest standards of personal conduct.
  16. Use language that demonstrates respect for, and courtesy towards customers, other employees, and any other people with whom I come in contact during the course of my employment.
  17. Use only those training materials, sales materials, product pricing, report forms and other relevant documents that are approved by the dealership.
  18. On a daily basis, strive to achieve a mastery of my profession through continuing education.

As a Finance and Insurance Professional, I shall act at all times so as to live up to both the letter and the spirit of these commitments. This means more than following federal, state and local laws. It means conducting my business affairs in a manner that achieves the highest standards of professional conduct. It also means ensuring that products and services are offered and administered in a manner consistent with the Finance and Insurance Professional Code of Conduct.

Achieving Finance and Insurance Excellence Certification (AFIE)

A comprehensive 3-day training program, designed to provide finance and insurance managers with the product knowledge and consultative skills necessary to add genuine value to every customer’s purchase experience.

Achieving Finance and Insurance Excellence Online!

This online continuing education program provides ongoing training on every aspect of professional financial services management, including risk management options, credit evaluation, and laws and regulations.

Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals (AFIP)

The AFIP Certification program provides comprehensive dealership compliance training for financial services personnel with a working knowledge of the state and federal regulations that govern vehicle purchases.

Automotive Compliance Education (ACE)

ACE Certification covers mandatory statutory or regulatory compliance and industry adapted best practices. This course also includes modules on some of the more popular, optional finance and insurance products.

Ethical Finance and Insurance Member (EFI)

EFI™ is composed of finance and insurance practitioners and industry experts including trainers, product providers, directors and producers. This very active Facebook group exchanges expertise, advice and promotes ethical standards within the finance office.

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